What is Premier Payroll Direct?

Tactic Bookkeeping implements an easy and straight forward approach to paying employees. An app on the employees phone makes it easy for them to clock in and clock out. The managers of your business can approve the time entries daily, weekly, or by pay period. Once these entries have been approved our payroll team will run a report and enter payroll into our system ready for importing and approval into your banking system. Very simple and very efficient.

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How Can Premier Payroll DirectServices Help Me?

With the app used by Tactic Bookkeeping, Managers are able to easily access employee data. Managers can set up schedules and the system automatically notifies employees when schedules are changed. Managers are also able to see when employees have gone into overtime or if they have forgot to clock out, as well as see requests for time off. The system accrues vacation time and your employee can see what they have available to use as far as vacation hours. This cuts down on the time consuming questions that staff have concerning available vacation time.

The employees can determine if they want to have paid time off or unpaid time off with the managers approval. Sick time can also be tracked on this system if desired. Reminders can be sent to the employee prior to their shift starting. You can even see the location of your employee via GPS tracking. This system is very flexible and can be set up to accommodate your clinics needs.