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Simplify your life with affordable premium bookkeeping services and individual tax returns. Our experienced staff specializes in flexible formats of bookkeeping to meet your wants and needs or We cater to your wants and needs

Tech Savey ? Great. Not Tech Savey? We can do that too. We have developed efficient procedures proven to maximize efficiency within each unique business whether big or small. We do it all.

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We keep it simple. Detailed, easy to read reports. Breakdown on income and expense reports, recorded in easy to view categories. We will work with you to ensure we focus on what you need in order to develop reports that will enable you to have the most efficient and profitable business. We understand that each industry is unique. Whether a small clinic, trade services or a retail store, a large operation we will tailor your books to meet your needs. We will provide a specialized bookkeeping team that will work with you and understand your needs so your can relax and get on with your business.

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“Patty is a problem solver and has helped us immensely to ensure we have proper tracking for our fast paced forever changing office!“

Jennifer Crate, Office Manager Alpen Dental

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Why should I use a bookkeeping service?

Our professional bookkeepers help your business achieve its highest potential. By keeping your profit and loss statements up-to-date, you can make decisions based on actual numbers. With our expertise in multiple industries, we can help you identify and rectify issues before they become a larger problem. You can even have us verify your day end collection reports to ensure that they are accurate. We can also make certain that your payables to your vendors and staff are on-time and up-to-date.

How do you pay the bills for me?

At Tactic Bookkeeping, our services are setup to allow you total control while we do all the work. Simply review and approve, everything else is taken care of. Our expertise allows us to access and understand your vendor portals. Our accounts payable specialist will analyze your purchases and streamline the process of your payments, ensuring they are correct and on-time. We will acquired good working relationships with your vendors allowing Tactic Bookkeeping to provide fast, efficient payable services.

How can a bookkeeper save me money?

Our financial professionals have extensive experience in producing accurate reports. We are not just another bookkeeping company; we understand your unique financial needs. We will review, organize, and create a streamlined process for all your bookkeeping needs. By taking advantage of specialized professionals, your accountant bill, and staff time with greatly decrease, allowing your business to achieve larger profits.

Do I need to come into your office to get my tax return done?

No, in most cases information can be sent using email or by text.

What if I don’t like to use a computer or the internet?

No problem. We offer a pickup service. We can arrange to come to your workplace and pick up what we need in order to do your bookkeeping

Can Tactic Bookkeeping help identify problems in my business?

Yes. Our detailed system organizes your financials, allow us to identify issues and inefficiencies. You will be able to hold your staff accountable and help your business run smoothly