Business Services

Bookkeeping for each business is unique and requires experienced professionals. We take the time to understand your businesss and how the financial flow of your company works. At Tactic Bookkeeping our services are tailored to your unique needs. We have developed methods that have proven to increase efficiency and save your money. We are good at what we do so you can be good at what you do. Let's keep it simple.

Accounts ReceivableManagement & Reconciliation

Accounts receivable management and reconciliation services depending on your industry can be complex. We have developed procedures proven to be efficient, simplifying the workload on your administration staff so they can focus on other duties. Reconciliations between the dental software reports and the insurance companies are recorded weekly. Front end staff balance prior day entries from your clinics software entries to a report listing the credits from your bank provided by us daily.

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Accounts PayableManagement & Reconciliation

At Tactic Bookkeeping, our accounts payable management and reconciliation bookkeeping services are created unique to your financial needs. We take the time to organize and create efficiency within our system allowing you to save money on our time. All payables will be organized by vendor for easy review. Batch Payments will be imported to your business bank account. All you need to do is review and approve. That's simple.

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Premier Associate Payments

Our Associate and hygiene contractors commissions will be calculated as per their contracts. A simple report will be produced for your review and their records.

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Premier Payroll Direct

We provide full payroll services relieving your team of time and saving you money with our efficiency. Our easy to use timesheets can be accessed through your employees cell phones or computers. Time-off requests, schedule postings and vacation tracking. EFT payments will be uploaded to your bank where you can approve the payroll and get on with your day. Electronic paystubs will be distributed to each employee. Our payroll services also includes remitting source deductions, issuing T4's and ROE's when necessary.

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Financial Services & Statements

Easy to read Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements will be provided in a timely manner. Accurate and clean books will help you obtain business fiancing that you may require. You will be able to provde current as well as the historical data of your business operations enabling you to prove your ability of repayment. Up to date and Comparitive Income Statements can help you reconize an area of concern within your operations. Feel at ease setting a realistic budget for your staff to follow. Feel confident that your company is in control.

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“Patty saved me thousands in accounting fees and allowed me to relax knowing my business was in good hands.“